Are you interested in stocking our products or becoming a PURERAW PRO?

Registering as a PRO provides a range of benefits including access to exclusive products, discounts and the ability to invite your clients with commission available on client orders.

PURERAW enables suitably qualified health care practitioners to prescribe and sell over 100 professional-grade products to their clients without the need to carry their own inventory.

The advantages of opening a PURERAW PRO account include:

  • Instant access to our continually growing collection of over 100+ of the highest quality health products from the worlds top professional brands.

  • Orders can be sent directly to your clients as specified by you with same day dispatch

  • Access to practitioner focused educational material directly from brands and experienced healthcare professionals

  • Regular updates and email newsletters covering product changes, discounts and industry developments

  • 1-2-1 support from our lead practitioner and access to training material

  • Space at our Harley Street clinic to see clients

To set up an account please contact us.