We're here for you.

At Pureraw, our intention is to ensure that we offer personalised, friendly, and clinically evidenced advice. Our team is available to discuss any of our products over the phone, via email or in person. We welcome both clients and practitioners.

If you are working with a healthcare professional, who has recommended products to you, they should always be consulted first before speaking with one of our in-house practitioners. If for any reason you cannot contact your practitioner and you need help, we will always try to assist you.

Our practitioners can offer general advice, based solely on the information provided by the client. It is important that you refer back to your own health care provider before acting upon the advice of our practitioners as we do not have access to your full case history.

Our team of practitioners have been selected by Dr Shabir Pandor,  who co-founded the business back in 2016 and an integrated functional medicine practitioner himself.

If you would like to speak to one of our practitioners please contact us or alternatively if you would like to register with us as a Pureraw Pro get in touch, we have a range of supportive resources and education designed for you.