Essential Body Butter | Unscented


This essential body butter is a powerful, long-lasting full body moisturiser that leaves your skin with a beautiful glow from head to toe. The combination of coconut oil and kokum butter leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.


Massage liberally into skin for deeply nourishing hydration to experience full-body bliss!

  • After Shower - Lock in moisture to give your skin long-lasting hydration
  • After Sun - Gently soothe sunburns after sun exposure
  • After Shave - Hydrate skin after shaving to minimise the risk of razor burn or irritation
Unscented Essential Body Butter is  for maximum hydration and for those allergic or sensitive to essential oils


  • Skinny Coconut Oil®
  • Kokum Butter

Also available in:

  • Lavender Essential Body Butter - a light fragrance good for all skin types, but especially sensitive skin

    • Rose Essential Body Butter - helps hydrate dry skin and help rejuvenate the body's natural abilities

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