Raw Soap Bar | Lemongrass


Product Description

Balance and nurture your body with Skinny & Co’s ultra moisturising Lemongrass Raw Soap bar made with real plant extracts. This deliciously creamy cleansing bar is sure to be a favourite with your whole family.

Made in small batches, handcrafted with vitamin rich ingredients, our nourishing bar will not dry your skin out like other soaps can – the secret is our patented 100% Raw coconut oil free of chemicals solvents and fillers.

So go ahead, treat yourself to more beautiful skin with this luxurious nutrient rich soap – you deserve it.


  • Moisturises while it cleanses
  • Scent awakens your spirit
  • Feels luxurious like a spa
How To Use:
  • Run under warm water to create a healthy lather
  • Gentle enough to use on hands, body, and face
  • Massage into skin and rinse with warm water
  • Made with real ingredients, not just scents, no chemicals or solvents
  • Gentle, yet effective
Our Coconut Oil Bar Soaps are available in five natural scents:
  • coffee – notes of bitter-sweet chocolate, coconut, and almond.
  • lemongrass – smells like lemon fruit with a pleasant earthy note.
  • peppermint – sweet smelling peppermint with a touch of menthol.
  • cinnamon – the woody smell of cinnamon bark wrapped in a bar.
  • green tea – a faintly sweet, refreshing scent that smells invigorating.

Handcrafted by soap artisans, we begin with our 100% raw coconut oil. That oil is then crafted into a luxurious and nourishing soap bar full of a variety of different essential oils, glycerine, and (unrefined) palm oil.

  • Made with only quality, natural ingredients*
  • Gentle enough to use on the delicate skin on the face, even near the eyes, yet effective to penetrate and hydrate the thicker skin on our bodies.
  • No chemicals or fillers are ever a part of our products.

Size and Ingredients: lasts about a month with normal daily use.

  • 100% Raw Coconut Oil
  • Natural Ingredients / Various Essential Oils
  • Unrefined Palm Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E

*All of the ingredients used in Skinny products are sourced Sustainably and adhere to strict Fair Trade practices. We are here to “Change The World” and that includes creating sustainability and leaving everything much better than we found it. We invite you to “Change The World” with us!