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Skinny & Co | Starter Kit


Product Description

Skinny&Co. proudly introduces our one-of-a-kind Gift Box, The Starter Kit. This bundle of high quality goodies makes the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and more! So ditch the boring department store beauty/body care gift baskets. Instead, give the gift of health and holistic beauty with a present that is versatile, unique, and pure (there are over 100 different uses for coconut oil after all!)

Enclosed you will find:

One 500ml Skinny Coconut Oil jar. Thanks to our patented Nutralock Systemâ„¢, Skinny is the only 100% raw, alkaline oil on the market today. This can help boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, and keep our teeth, hair, and skin radiant.

One (100g) cold-pressed, hand-crafted bar of Skinny & Co. Coffee Soap. This soap, just like our coconut oil, contains all raw, natural ingredients- no additives! When it comes to skin care, always keep it natural & nourishing!

One handmade, organic 100% squash luffa for deep, lush exfoliation.

One bamboo spoon for those tough to reach places at the bottom on your jar. (We wouldn’t want you to waste any of that coconut goodness!)

This box set comes beautifully wrapped up complete with ribbon and signature Change The World gift tag. All you need to do is sign (or you can even ask us to do it for you)!

*Note: All of the ingredients used in Skinny products are sourced Sustainably and adhere to strict Fair Trade practices. We invite you to “Change The World” with us!